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How can I build the tension in my story using time connectives? An idea Time Connective; Time; Time Connectives A connective is a word or phrase that joins two simple sentences to make a complex sentence. Last. At last. Last of all. Lastly. In the end. To finish. Finally. In time. Ultimately. Eventually. In conclusion For surprise or suspense: suddenly. As you begin every piece of work take the time to think . Also used in stories to build up suspense. . Use time connectives to order the story in a logical.

using conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time and cause . to indicate a change in place or jump in time. Build in suspense writing to introduce . 15 May Annotation: Today, people believe that books and manuals like time connectives for suspense are very expensive and this becomes the main. To create suspense to build tension, scare the reader and keep the reader wanting to find out use dramatic connectives to time of day to create atmosphere.

(See Connectives and Sentence setting, time of day and type of weather .. Include suspense, cliff hangers, flashbacks/forwards, time slips. Start story at any . Top tip: these can be very dramatic and build suspense. Fragments or minor to separate transition connectives from the rest of the sentence; Orientation ( introduction) in which the characters, setting and time of the story are established. They will need to use some form of connective and t can be useful to suggest a to vary the opening to sentences, e.g. use an adverb (how), a time connective .. When I was a child I was endlessly late and homework was a mystery to me!. 31 Jul Transitions & Connectives. Words and phrases that connect and make logical At the same time Finally. Lastly. Second (etc.) Meanwhile Most. time connective s use 1 st .. use time connectives to move a story along. ▫ use different Short sentences to build suspense or make things clear;. • Longer .

Mystery writing usually follows the usual story structure. See diagram on they were mistaken all the time;. • Drop clues Cracking Connectives: suddenly, all. Time connectives are words or phrases which are used to tell a reader WHEN something is happening. They are sometimes called temporal connectives. Connectives that signal time, eg early that morning, later on, once, etc. ▫ Connectives used Connectives used to inject suspense, eg suddenly, without warning. Use the perfect form of verbs to mark relationships of time and cause. Use connectives that signal time, shift attention, inject suspense and shift the setting.


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